Friday, October 28, 2005


"Where does the air comes out from?"

Said by a very old guy trying to dry his hands in the condom machine at the airport

Friday, October 14, 2005


My partners and I in EL OTRO LADO FILMS share an office with another movie production company called CABEZAHUECA producciones. In Spanish Cabeza Hueca means literally “hollowed head” but could be translated as “pea brains” or some kind of insult, or at least that is the closest translation that I can think of in terms of this context, if its not I am sorry people. We also share the building with an oil company. They hate us.

The guys from the oil company walk in every morning and give us those icy we-are-better-people-than-you-freaks-are stares. They all wear matching suits and formal clothes, compared with them is like one floor of the building is occupied by the Muppets Show.

A few days ago the head of security from the oil company walked into my office and this is a rough transcript of an actual conversation.

Head of Security: Goodday...
Tenderness Boy: Yep?
HS: Is Mr. “Pea Brains” here?
TB: What?
HS: They told me downstairs that Mr. Pea Brains Gets the paper, “El Comercio” every morning and I want to borrow it
TB: Do you really think that there is actually somebody called Pea Brains?
HS: (Long pause caused by what I think is a hard drive overload) they told me that you get the paper here and I want to borrow it
TB: (Long pause caused by disbelief) ok, see... (Here is when my voice switches to its first grade teacher mode) The office down the hall is CALLED “Pea Brains”, and no, we do not get that paper
HS: Ok Thanks (walks away maybe thinking that Mr. Pea Brains is very rude)
TB: (After he is gone) I can’t believe this moron carries a gun

And that is my tender truth

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Out There?

Just like in that Pink Floyd song...

Is there anybody out there?

I want to know just in case

I will start reporting again soon